Does anyone know anything about Civil War-era swords?


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Jul 14, 2001
I've got four that have been handed down in my family since the Civil War, and I just recently became interested in finding out more about them. Unfortunately, I can't find any information on the manufacturers on the web, and they're not in the lists I've been able to find of different makers. If anyone happens to be a Civil War buff, could you throw me some links where I might be able to find some more info?

The following are the manufacturers:

Bush & Bent Co. Boston Mass.
Oak Hall Clothing Co. Boston Mass.
R. Rosenfield Co. Boston Mass.

1 of the Bush & Bent swords looks like this except there's more detail on the hilt, and the etching doesn't go all the way down the blade.

I can provide digital pictures if anyone's interested. I've looked on the 'net, so I thought I'd ask here before heading to the bookstore or library.