does 1&1 hate me?


Feb 18, 2004
just capping off a frustrating day with 1&1... a few months ago, I signed up for an account and bought a domain name just to check them out. I ended up hating the control panel and pretty much canceled my account right away.

didn't think too much about it, but here it is 4 months later and I have a hankering to use that domain name that I bought to start a new site (coworker set me up with a free site on his ded server, and I might just setup my own dedicated server once I talk to the sales department at my office about the logistics). however, I can't get the authorization code from 1&1 to transfer the domain name. there's a way to do it within the 1&1 CP, but I can't access it without being an active client. I've submitted a couple tickets, and 3 times now, some 1&1 tech has told me that they've emailed the auth code to me.

of course, lo and behold, my gmail inbox remains empty (nothing in junk or trash folders either). is there anything I can do to force my auth code out of them?


Grand Nagus
Feb 24, 2000
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1and1 sucks, there's your answer.


but am I SOL until my domain auto-expires?

Well I wouldn't give up that easily, after all it is your domain.

I think I've seen this situation come up once or two on the WHT forums, I would recommend searching their domain forum.

waiting for your reply and if you have AIM, GoogleTalk, Yahoo or Skype can you PM me your username?