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Do you tone down your driving when you have someone else in the car?

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Oct 26, 1999
depends who's in the car... i'm usually a pretty aggressive driver and i only ever tone it down when i'm with my mom or with a gf :p
nobody else seems to mind


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Jun 24, 2004
Originally posted by: Aikouka

I mean really, it's amusing to watch my mom grab onto the handles when taking a turn a little bit (and I do mean a little bit) faster than she would. I only drive 5-7mph over the speed limit all the time anyway... I usually do 6 when around cops, 'cause I'm a rebel like that. Although I swear I saw a cop pull someone over for 50 in a 45 this past weekend, because the guy wasn't going much faster than me and I was going 45 (slow car in front of me). That surprised me a bit as the cops usually don't care on that road unless you're going 55 or more.
That ticket would never stick in court. 5 miles over the speed limit I don't think there is even legally a ticket for that. Add to the fact that speedometers can be off by that amount and I doubt any judge would actually give you points on your license.

I speed 10 over pretty much at all times on the highway except for construction. Not because I want to be safe for the workers...Cause 90% of the time in PA its just cones set up to annoy you,( I swear to god, they must get up in the morning, have a meeting, decide that they don't want to do anything productive and discuss how to annoy the most people with the equipment they have available) but because the points I would get for speeding in a work zone would totally own me.
Jun 14, 2003
usually, depends on the person.... i always drive gentler with my brother in the car, he never used to like it when i had my ford ka and chuked it into corners like a go kart, so now i always drive pretty sedately with him in the car.

same for my mum, she just hates goin fast... she would really like a car with a theodolite instead of a speedometer.

ill maintain being pretty sporty with my dad, he likes going fast, i think thats where i got my like for going fast from. with friends though ill usually be pretty gentle as well, as the driver im responsible for their safety, also i make sure they wear seatbelts.

the only time i really will drive hard, is when im on my own, but definately not to douche bag levels like the nonces who duck an dive around on the motorways overtakig and undertaking, riding bumpers n cutting people up. i drive fast when i like, but always safe with idicated sure footed moves.

thing is with passengers.... you know when your about brake hard, or take a corner fast...you're prepared for that, but passengers arent. theyre usually not watching what your doing or where your going very much. also passengers tend to want to talk to you so your attention is somewhat divided.


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May 21, 2004
no i drive very safe with or without passangers. I don't usually speed and i take turns normally.