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Do we have freewill?


Sep 12, 2012
Just a simple question. Do humans have freewill? If we replayed the past would everything line up exactly the same way, or can we change it? Can we change our destiny thru awareness?

Christians will say that god gives us freewill, and that we are given choices. Are we really given a choice though? Look at religion. The main factor in determining your religion is your DOB, and zip code. An Indian born in India will be a Hindu. An Aztec born during the height of the Aztec empire would had been worshipping the sun. A Lakota Sioux born on the plains of North America would had been worshipping spirits, and the great buffalo. My point is these people did not have free will. Is freewill an illusion?



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May 30, 2008
The grounds for doubt about 'free will' surely has to be based on those experiments that claimed to show your neurons fire to make a decision before you are consciously aware of doing so. But I vaguely remember hearing somewhere recently that someone found a flaw in those experiments.

Googling turned up this, but I'm sure I've read something contesting the idea since 2008.

But the OP seems to be talking about something less fundamental than 'how can we have free will in a physically deterministic universe'. Just about the weird logic of religions that say we have to choose to 'hear the message' and be 'saved' but then the message only got sent to particular regions of the world at a time when people in other regions had no chance at all of hearing it. I think that's a slightly different question, no?

However, I misread the title as "do we have firewall?" and felt a pang of anxiety before I confirmed mine was still running.


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Feb 26, 2006
I think we have the illusion of free will. The Matrix planners set it up that way so we wouldn't realize we're all just slaves.


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Jan 8, 2001
This June 2016 articles says "NO". :confused:

So, interestingly enough, I read that same article and came away with a different thought. It's apparent that we don't know the answer. Or, better yet, that article does a terrible job at explaining what is a very complex set of questions because it is too short and too poorly sourced.
Nov 29, 2006
My guess is that since we can even question if we have free will, means that we have free will. But what do i know.