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Question Do suspending and restartin virtual machines impact ssd endurance? Ans, it does!


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Apr 30, 2012
I just read that putting a PC in hibernate is bad for ssd since windows will save what's on the ram into ssd storage. When you come out of hibernate windows then reads that saved ram state from the ssd then erases it. I have 96 GB of Ram, am I tanking my ssd endurance with so much ram?

Also, I've been using VMware player to make a few virtual machines. I have the option of suspending my virtual machine. When I do that, am I writing and erasing the entire ram allocation of my virtual machine too from the ssd?

Thanks for reading!

Ran HWinFO before and after I started a Virtual Machine using VMWare to monitor SSD Disk Writes. Doesn't matter if I suspend or Shut down, it slams the SSD for almost twice the same of the RAM defined for the Virtual Machine. I'm concluding that starting and stopping VMs will tear into the life of a SSD so avoid doing it.
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Aug 11, 2020
Windows only writes RAM that's actually used to disk for hibernation. But I don't think a VM manager can know what bytes in the RAM of the virtual machine are important or not, so it probably has to store every single byte of the virtual RAM to disk.