Do I need to RMA my monitor?


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Nov 3, 2008
The monitor is a Pixio PX277h. In theory, it's a 144Hz FreeSync IPS panel. There are a lot of strong reviews for the monitor and for other monitors from the company. However, I'm have a strange flicker issue when running high refresh rates. The flicker is like a black or grey frame, which is sometimes a box that doesn't take the whole screen, and sometimes there are colored lines or boxes in the dropped frame. but it's somewhat dependent on what's happening. It doesn't flicker in games and some programs, including OBS Studio seem to prevent the flicker. (Seriously, I tried getting a video of the flicker but OBS seems to prevent the issue.) It mostly shows up during productivity tasks and right after waking up from sleep. I'd say the flash occurs every one to two seconds, but sometimes it will go for a minutes or two with no flicker. It seems to get more common after the first minute or two of being on.

Lowering the refresh rate to 120 gets rid of the issue, but then I get a weird screen tear right down the middle when the computer wakes from sleep. Additionally, switching to older drivers (Radeon 17.x) basically gets rid of the issue. I say basically because maybe once in an hour or so, it will flash. Nothing terrible. My card is a RX 480. (I have tried testing on an older card (R9 270) but that card won't let me run the monitor above 60Hz for some stupid reason. Makes no sense, the R9 270 should be able to do 144 @1440, right? Anyway, unless that fact is giving insight into what's wrong while using the other card, it seems like a separate issue with a card that I don't even want to use.)

By the way, I've tried several cables, DP and HDMI, and when running with an older driver, the issue is basically gone, so I don't think this is a cable issue.

The monitor is still under warranty, and I didn't buy a 144Hz FreeSync monitor to run it at 60Hz or use outdated drivers. Besides, for all I know, the next card I get would have the issue permanently. Are there suggestions for a fix or is it just time to RMA? It would cost me a little money, it might not solve the problem, but it would be peace of mind that maybe this is an issue with my card, not the monitor so when I upgrade someday I might actually be able to use a modern driver.
Mar 7, 2019
The only time I have seen this issue, is when dealing with displays that are overclock-able out of the box, sometimes they cannot handle the overclocked refresh rate and when this is the case, they act very similar to what you are describing (Flickers, Flashes etc.)

I would hazard a guess and say that this monitor is likely defective, and unable to keep up with the refresh rate settings of its firmware. I would agree than an RMA is the appropriate course of action, but test it with another desktop if you can.

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