Do I need to install RAID drivers if I install VIA 4in1 for KT133A chipset?


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Jan 20, 2001
I have an old computer I am selling to somebody with an Asus A7V133, VIA KT133A Chipset. I am installing all the drivers and everything off of a fresh install of windows xp and was wondering if I need to install the RAID drivers if I already install the VIA 4in1 drivers? I have regular 5200rpm 20gb harddrive in there. Thanks.


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Jun 29, 2001
The Promise controller has 2 modes, ATA/100 and RAID mode.

If you're not using RAID, use the ATA/100 mode and Windows XP has built-in drivers for it.
If you're HDD is plugged into the Promise controller in RAID mode, you'd have to have needed to use the RAID drivers during the Windows XP installation.

So I'm guessing you're not using the RAID mode of the controller. So no, you don't need to install drivers if that's the case.

BTW, the 4-in-1 drivers have nothing to do with the Promise RAID controller.