Do I need a powered USH hub for xbox 360 controller and what does that mean?


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Feb 15, 2005
I would like to get this:

One of the reviewers says:
"One thing to note, which is why the product lost one star, is that the wireless receiver pulls a lot of power and it simply would not work properly until I bought a powered USB hub to plug it into. This also affected my other USB devices to some extent, but since I was running out of ports anyhow I went ahead and made the hub purchase, and now everything works flawlessly."

Does that mean that my PC may not have enough power to power this controller? Or is this person going from a USB hub that wasn't powered? I find it odd that I have to buy another component to make this work properly.

If I do need to buy a USB powered hub, any recommendations?


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Apr 18, 2002
Just plug it directly to your computer. That reviewer was using a non-powered hub, and had to use a powered one...


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Feb 18, 2001
A powered USB hub is one that plugs into the wall as well as your computer. This is to provide additional power on each USB port. IIRC, USB allows for 1/2 and amp to be pulled from the line (I think usb 3 is higher at 9/10ths of an amp), which means using an unpowered hub with 5 ports, only 100miliamps can be pulled by each port.

A powered hub allows the pull 500 miliamps to be used by each port, as additional power can be provided by the wall outlet.