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do comfortable, wide, stylish casual mens shoes exist?


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Jan 28, 2001
I have that other thread talking about how I have some serious injury in my foot. well I know how I got that injury. it's because my shoes are worthless pieces of sh!t. I got these cheapo ocean pacific shoes a while ago and as soon as I started walking in them, they were hurting the joints in my feet and ankles. I never got a new pair though because I was pretty low on funds at the time (well...actually I'm still low on funds). anyway, before they were just uncomfortable for walking. now they're actually injuring me.

anyway, I have VERY VERY wide feet which makes it very very hard to find shoes that fit. the only ones I'm able to fit into seem to be Saucony's and some expensive skate shoes like Reefs. (I still have some old $90 Reefs and they feel great even after 1.5yrs of wear. unfortunately they're all dirty and stained) Saucony's are great except frankly they're just not cool enough for highschool. I could have comfortable inexpensive shoes, but then I'd have to resign myself to only having the rude, unfriendly, boring computer geeks for friends.

so I'm just wondering if anybody knows of some shoes that meet my requirements: VERY VERY wide, good support/cushioning, stylish and casual, and relatively cheap ($60 MAX)

Yo Ma Ma

Jan 21, 2000
I'm curious how a 1.5 yo pair of shoes can still fit & "feel great" if you are in high school and, presumably, growing?

What about some sort of sports/running shoe? $60 is a little under-funded, maybe dirvert some money into the shoe fund for a bit and see if that helps.


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Jun 8, 2001
I have really wide feet as well which leads to me having ingrown toenails. I wear extra wide steel toed work books (but that are black and decent looking) that are two sizes larger than my feet need, and my feet are still cramped. Grr.


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Feb 13, 2001
Originally posted by: dpopiz
Originally posted by: Mallow
kenneth (sp?) cole.
wtf is this a joke?

I said cool, stylish shoes that will be acceptable in *highschool*

A for effort, but you need to get with the times
beggars can't be choosers....next time you can just pass on it rather than be an idiot trying to p!ss on those helping you.

I am sure more 'high schoolers' are going to think some duck-footed dork in $60 busters is going to be more out of the times. Seriously 'cheap' shoes are more socially unacceptable than sporting some Kenneth Coles' which many do like.

Anyways, if you are on that tight of a budget check out places like online stores with clearance and discontinued sections like Zappos, Footlocker, finishline, etc.....I scored a pair of Ken Griffey $140 shox for $30 and wish I bought 3 pairs. At the gym I been asked twice where to get them. I have seen Saucony's, and the Martin's type of shoes for less than half retail.




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Apr 9, 2000
best i ever found for wide feet, at least for me, were doc martens....love em, pricey, but my pair has lasted almost 7 years w/ only new laces and regular dubbin application