Do any of you wear Oakley RX glasses frames?


Jan 8, 2002
I am browsing the site and keep seeing that there are several frames that are "heat adjustable." I'm wondering if this means that they can be made wider to fit a larger face/head.

My wife said she took her pair of glasses to her optometrist and they heated up her frames to make it bigger or smaller. I have yet to get clarification on this.

Has anyone else had their eye doctors basically customize their eye glasses to fit their face perfectly?

I tried on this one pair of Oakleys but friends of mine said it looked too narrow for my face. I'm hoping that with the heat adjustable thing, I may be able to get it to be a tad bit more wider.

If anyone has any information on heat adjustable glasses I'd be so happy to hear about it even if it isn't related to Oakleys in general!