Discussion DIY DVR for my Roku: is it possible?


Junior Member
Nov 19, 2021
So here is the deal: I have a ton of PC equipment in my basement calling out to me. It says, “you lazy PITA, use us for something other than collecting dust!” But what I heard was, “build a diy DVR.” This is mostly a project of curiosity. Many of the functions of a traditional DVRcan be done with things like DLing content from my Netflix subscription. Still, it would be kind of nice to have everything in one place and I could draw on it without the internet connection. But is this even possible nowadays? I read here on the forums and elsewhere that, because of the DRM, I would need an “HDCP stripper”. This sounds sorta sexy, but I’m not sure my wife will go for it…. (Sorry, please don’t throw those tomatoes at me). Seriously though, from my little research it seems these devices do exist but they also become obsolete quickly. Do they work at all currently?

Anyway,this seems like an interesting challenge and any feedback would be welcome.