Question Display replacement conundrum on a strict budget


May 19, 2011
Three displays in question:

1 - My PC: Iiyama E2282HS, 1080p TN screen. Works absolutely fine. Inputs: VGA, DVI (which is what I use), HDMI.

2 - My workbench (for working on customers' computers): Iiyama E2209HDS, 1080p TN screen. I think it's dying; once the screen has warmed up, it seems to get brighter and brighter. Thanks to the oddness of TN, viewing it at a funny angle avoids headaches. Inputs: VGA, DVI, HDMI.

3 - My wife's PC: Dell 19" probably TN monitor, 1280x1024. She hardly ever uses it, and it's only relevant because we bought a long HDMI lead to hook it up to the TV in the same room. I admit I didn't think that HDMI lead purchase through for a couple of reasons, one being mismatched resolutions being a PITA if you want to just duplicate screens - at which point we can set up say a video to watch using the monitor, turn around (180 degrees) and watch it on the television, and a second potentially being that a wireless keyboard and pointing device would come in handy to work around the mismatched resolutions (we can face the TV and use the wireless input devices to control the PC). Inputs: VGA, DVI.

IDEALLY I'd like a nice IPS screen for my own PC at some point. I've seen just how different one of the standard Win10 wallpapers looks comparing TN to IPS (the runner on the beach, the sunset reflected on the rock looks jaw-droppingly better/richer on IPS), but to get a nice one that someone in another thread recommended with a decent response time (I do a bit of gaming), costs about £170 UKP compared to £90-£110 for an Iiyama TN screen (Iiyama earnt my respect after going out of their way to do me a favour once, and their warranty support has been good).

So screen 2 will need replacing at some point. I don't make daily use of it, but certainly regular use. I have the feeling it's not going to die completely, just wear me down by being increasingly unusable.

One scenario: Just replace screen 2 with another TN 1080p. Probably the cheapest option.
Another scenario: Replace screen 1 with IPS. Screen 1 replaces screen 2. I guess my wife's PC will just have to wait.
Another scenario: Replace screen 1 with IPS. Screen 1 replaces screen 3, and screen 3 replaces screen 2. Only downside of this plan is that screen 3 doesn't have HDMI which sometimes can be handy to take the screen with me to a customer's house to test whatever they have there. Screen 2 being 1080p used to be relevant back when 1080p testing was relevant, but pretty much all graphics hardware that still works can do 1080p.

There's no way I'm pulling the trigger on an unnecessary screen upgrade during the lockdown as I'm self-employed and virtually nothing is coming in right now, so unless one of those screens craps out completely, this will wait a bit in any case. I like to feel like I've given the topic fair consideration before possibly indulging myself though!