Display Issue


Aug 25, 2012
I built my gaming PC myself last summer and everything works wonderfully except I have 1 constant issue that has been present (i think) since the beginning.

Occasionally my screen seems to do a bit of a hiccup. It's like a fraction of a second that the screen just stutters and then everything is fine again. It's hard to describe exactly and IO can't get a screenshot of it because it's so random and fast.

It happens regardless of what I'm doing, on the web, at the desktop, and during games (during games it looks a little different, more like a color shift for a fraction of a second).

I'm honestly not sure what the problem is so I'm ASSUMING it's a GPU issue.

I realize it's not much to go on, but does anyone have any insight as to whether it could be an issue of a different component? Maybe the motherboard? I have a warranty on the pieces I'm just trying to determine who the trouble maker is.

Any insight would be very helpful, thanks!!!

PS: I do not think it's the monitor because it happens on multiple monitors (which are different).