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Mar 16, 2004
Ran the search, read threads available, looking for a little more specific help before spending dollars.

Viewsonic 17PS is crapping out. 19" FS A/Gs are cheap now (250.00 shipped for P95f+ or DP930SB).

I'm open to doubling the cost for LCD but have not yet been able to see (vs read about) an LCD paired with a 9800pro, taking advantage of DVI.

Each visit to retailers to look at LCDs leaves me shaking my head. Displays appear flatter/duller, text is presented with noticeable and distracting pixelation. I realize I'm not seeing full capabilities of the displays in stores (all dependent on what's pushing those crappy demos through 8x8x8 display hubs).

Qual CRTs appear to my eye to be crisper (even in the less than desirable store environment) at the expense of size/heat/power (acceptable issues for me). Unfortunately I don't know anyone around to eyeball their gaming LCD/vid card combos. Small town does not have many mom/pop shops to check out options.

Apps/Use is mixed: Lots of net time, secondary work system (doc/xls/ppt), part time gaming (UT now, FC-HL2-D-Q later). Also used for vid capture/editing/burning. Backend is a 2600+ w/1MB PC2700 RAM on an ECS N2U400.

Is DVI/LCD a clear choice in this setting, with CRT second best?
If so, any recs for a proven 17"?
If CRT, anyone using the P95f+?

Anyone been done this road recently? Have checked THG and other forums, can't find anything current wrt this topic. Learned that all the work setting up the back comes down to what hits the eyes....

thanks, b.