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Question Discounted i7-10700 or an overclocked i5-10600K? How would you pick?


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Nov 25, 2013
Thought I'd also get some advice from this community. Things to keep in mind: I'm mostly into gaming, want to get into streaming, like to multitask, don't need bleeding edge, and would rather avoid water cooling.

So I am likely going to be getting a free EVGA Z490 FTW. There's a sale on the Intel Core i7-10700 on Newegg ($439 CAD). I'm really tempted to buy now, it is 20% off and I don't know how long that will be. Should I go for it? Keep waiting till November for possibly a better deal? Is it even a good match for that motherboard?

Or would it be better to get a 10600k ($400 CAD but currently out of stock; $30 difference) and overclock it with this mobo? And losing out on 2 more cores.

The 10700k is $130 more at $589 CAD. And doesn't seem worth that.

(Or is AMD still even better value even though I'd have to buy my own mobo? I mean, those prices.)


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Apr 24, 2007
The combination of 10700K and Z490 MB sounds like an amazing deal for only $439CAD. I would definitely do that.