Disappointed in the WRT54G w/Sveasoft?


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Oct 10, 2000

Hey all,

I recently upgraded from a SMC barricade (non-wireless) and a Belkin F5D5130 802.11b WAP to the WRT54G. I burned the Sveasoft Alchemy RC5 firmware to it.

The interface seems nice and there are a lot of options, but... the coverage is worse - even when I set the signal strength to 251mw! I'm dropping my RDP connection all the time now, when I _never_ did before.

Don't really understand why, unless the g signal is more fragile than the b...

Anyway, if I hook up the Belkin WAP (802.11b) that I have on the other side of the house, will that work? How will a wireless card connect to the network if it sees both the b/g signal from the router and the b signal from the WAP overlapping in most areas? Will it keep a steady connection, or will it drop in and out as it switched back and forth?

I'm not all that concerned at this point about whether I get a b or g connection - more that it's a consistant, good connection that doesn't drop out . Mostly using it for web surfing and remote controlling a couple of desktops from my laptop.