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Disabling desktop on a GPU (Windows)


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Mar 2, 2013
This is a question that fits somewhere between operating systems and graphic cards sections. I am not really sure where to post it.

Anyway, I've been puzzled by something for past weeks.
I've got Radeon 5850 in my PC (and run Windows 7), and primarily mine litecoins with it lately, and so I am trying to use integrated GPU for regular work, and use the Radeon fully for mining.
First thing I did was use a dummy plug on the card, because otherwise it would run at default speed and the Overdrive section in CCC would simply disappear.
When I disable showing desktop on it (because for some weird reason it lags the desktop), something somewhere (I'd assume in the driver, but not sure) gets disabled, and I can no longer monitor temperatures and other things through the ADL library (or whatever it is), which the mining software uses.
Does anyone have any idea what's wrong, and what can possibly be done about it?

Moving from OSes to Video. You'll get a better response there
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