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Question direct3d errors


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Dec 12, 2019
I have trying to understand why my graphic adapter UHD 620 and main memory
is not readable by GPU Z or CPU Z or 3Dmark and User Benchmark cannot even
detect any compatible direct3d device. However I can run every game all
benchmarks including Valley, Heaven, 3Dmark, and GFXbench, User Benchmark
aborts gpu test because it cannot detect a direct3d device. Cpu z, Gpu z,
Speccy...can see the UHD 620 but will not show any detail whether single
or dual channel just blank columns in those fields only total system
memory shows but nothing else. DirectX Diag shows absolutely no problems.
The machine has never crashed and works flawlessly. I can even run Control
in DX12 which uses more than 10 GB of system memory. I have no system file
integrity issues. No odd settings in BIOs. In fact the BIOS installed
from HP is F04 and the one on the website is F03A ten days older... I
left this same info at HP support I did not get an answer.... I even went
through a diagnostic session with HP tech they don't didn't even have a
I have never seen this ever before. I even reinstalled DX9 to no avail.
Full specs on this machine are. Windows 10, 1909 all latest updates. all
drivers are latest CPU is I5 10210U 16GB samsung 2667 ram 2 8 GB modules
256 ssd with optane 16gb , and UHD 620 graphics.


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Aug 25, 2001
Did you install DX9 installer files? Win10 doesn't install those by default.

Edit: OCCT 4.2 or 4.3 used to prompt the user to install DX9 files, because it needed them, but Win10 didn't have them installed by default.

Look for "DX9 runtime for Windows 10 download", you can probably find them. (Best to download from MS directly.)
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