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Sep 23, 2007
I really need some advice on TV and Sunlight. Back in 2018 I bought an LG OLED B series (2017) model. A few years ago I noticed some image retention but it would eventually go away. However, this year I am now seeing legit burn in. On Yellow, Red, and Purple screens especially I can see color banding in the center of the screen, I see an old image of a video game scoreboard in the top, and I also see the NETFLIX logo engraved in the bottom right. When the screen is fully white, you can't see it its only when those colors are on screen. Yellow color looks greenish and Purple looks a bit blue in the middle.

I never used my TV that much and NETFLIX was occassional. I am in full belief that these images got stuck because the TV is in a room that gets too much sunlight. Am I right?

My upstairs family room has a WEST Facing Window, so in the summertime and most evenings it gets a lot of sunlight. Even with the TV on the south wall, I think enough rays hit it which caused the OLED pixels to degrade.

I used to have a LED TV up here for years and never had the issue. Would I get this issue with a Samsung QLED? We need a TV in this room and the south wall is the only one that can accept a TV.

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Oct 9, 1999
The reason you don't see it when the screen is white is because LG's OLED is actually RGBW (meaning there is a white subpixel source as well). The burn-in is on the RGB subpixels. Your belief of the direct/sunlight is only partially true. Due to the sunlight in the room, the TV probably has it's brightness levels almost maxed out as OLED is not as bright as LED-LCD or even older plasma TVs. Due to running so bright, they will be damaged more quickly.

A QLED will not suffer the same problems as it is a LED-LCD with quantum dots. LCD's do not suffer burn-in (OLED does suffer burn-in as the organics in the LED degrade over time and degrade faster in higher temperatures, typically due to higher brightness).
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Jul 27, 2020
Try running the pixel refresher overnight. Also, if the TV is switched off from the mains instead of letting it sleep, it won't be able to refresh the pixels while it's off. It makes a slight whirring sound while in sleep mode when it's doing the pixel refreshing/scrubbing.