dilemma on 2nd vid card and use for 1 on a monitor other on TV Help!!


Feb 2, 2002
Currently I have an ATI Radeon 8500DV for my computer. It is connected to my Monitor and also my big screen TV. The problem I have is that if my wife wants me to play a movie on the TV I can't use my PC at the same time for surfing the net downloading without it interfering of course with what she sees on the TV.

I have been told that I would need to install a second video card into the PCI slot and run the TV off that while I do my stuff on the computer for seperate picture on my TV and My computer... ANy recommendations would be excellent on the 2nd card under $60 and with the least incompatability issues with an ATI card. Of course it has to be PCI as well. Any recommendations would be more then overwhelmingly appreciated.