Did my GigaBS bite the dust??


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Feb 7, 2000
After a loong time I decided to try the GB SIN1394 MB (I had a previous bad experience with the bios flash of another gB board) and after 2 weeks I am now getting a Bios checksum error and asking for a floppy disk at boot up. I inserted a boot disk and it does not boot fully. Is there a way I can recover and flash to the dual bios chip. If the darn chip is there how come Gigabyte shoots all this great dual bios miracle crap and I cannot even get to BIOS setup. There has got to be a way.
I cleared cmos (took out battery)
I used a boot disk (Win98 SE)
I managed to get to A prompt but still cannot use the floppy drive
I tried renaming the bios F6 file to XXX.rom to do an automatic bios flash at boot up
Nothing works - Was this really a marketing crap on at one time a really expensive board???
If anyone has an answer I would really appreciate it before i snap it in half.