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Did anyone happen to see The Price is Right last thursday?


Aug 18, 2000
I had recorded it on my ReplayTV and watched it this weekend, and they had the most expensive prize ever on the show!

It was the first game of the show... and the game was Golden Road. You have to pick the correct digit to fill in the price of three prizes, each more expensive than the last.

Well, the contestant was a somewhat older woman, I'd say 50+, and imagine her reaction when Bob told her that if she won this game, she would be the biggest winner EVER on the Price is Right. I remember seeing a Corvette in the same game a few years back, and I know people have won $50K + on the show before, so I was thinking, "this could be good!"

So they reveal the first two prizes, and Bob says "...or, you could win THIS!" - and as a door slides open, Rod says "A NEW SPORTS CAR!" And I could scarcely believe my eyes as a brand new, stunning, black Viper GTS was revealed! Wow! The woman nearly keeled over, she was so excited.

Then they bring out the game and it shows the first two digits of the car, and they are 8 and 6! A sticker of over $86K! Not only was it a Viper GTS, but a loaded Viper GTS, ACR package and all! Bob mentions that the previous all-time biggest winner on the show had won just over $85K, so if she won this ONE prize, she would set the record and still have a chance at a showcase, etc.

So she wins the first two prizes (gasp!) and she gets a chance to pick the middle digit of the Viper to win it. She has a choice of four numbers to win... a 1 in 4 chance at a free Viper GTS ACR... and... cruelly, she did not win and I thought she would cry.

Still, it was amazing to see that car offered on a game show. Sure, you could make more money on WWTBAM?, but is there anything cooler than winning a 460-horsepower beast on national TV? I think not. :D


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Feb 6, 2001
Nice... I've never seen anyone win the Golden Road &quot;big prize,&quot; though. I remember one time, there was a Jaguar up for grabs... >O.O<

Wants to kiss Bob someday,
~kitten >^.^<


Feb 8, 2001
Some little old lady from the midwest wins an $80K car and has to remortgage her house to pay the taxes.. Sounds tragic to me.

Some guy won a Babe Ruth autographed bat at Yankee stadium last year and has to sell it, because the government says he owes them $38K. The highest bid on E-Bay was $19K.