Did anyone get Nascar 4 demo to work right under windows 2000/XP? Mine keeps saying installation incorrect. Reinstall.


Jun 8, 2001
Ok every time i try to start Nascar 4 demo it says installation incorrect and please try reinstalling Nascar 4 but that never does anything. Same error appears. I don't get it. I have a Leadtek GF4 ti 4400 video card with Nvidia 29.42 offical drivers so i know its not that. Dum EA sports games never like the windows 2000/XP. EA sports games always giving trouble no matter what kind of compat. mode they have in windows 2000/XP. Its crazy. EA sports can't even get their own demos to run how in the heck are the real games going to run on windows 2000/xp you know? I tired compat. mode btw choosing windows 98/me just to let you know.