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Diabotical (New Arena Style FPS, a la Quake)


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Jul 18, 2000
Anybody played this yet? I'm a long-time Quake 2 player, and I'm hoping this will be a new game (with much improved net code, etc.) that I can invest my time into.

It's Free-to-Play through the Epic Launcher, so check it out if you haven't. It's been getting a fair amount of hype, and it seems to have a fair amount of support through Epic (through funded tournaments, being displayed prominently in the launcher, and a number of popular streamers have been playing it, or have messed around with it, as well), so hopefully it'll garner a following.

It's currently in open Beta, so it's still actively being developed. It's fully playable now and a lot of fun if you like the hectic, fast-paced action of an Arena-style FPS (versus a Battle Royale-style FPS). There are numerous game modes available, including FFA, most of the usual team-based modes, 1v1, weapon-vs-weapon, etc.