DFI Ultra D, Noisy Northbridge, Artic Silver?


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Nov 6, 2003
My Northbridge fan is quite noisy. I have a feeling it would benifit from an application of artic silver, but i'm not sure how to go about it. Any advice?




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Dec 13, 2004
you need to take the whole board out. in the back are the 2 push pin screws. squeeze the ends together and carefully push them through.

i left the little square of foam around and just removed the stock TIM. its a little stubborn but i used some acetone and then isprophyl and it came off ok.

spread a bit of as5, line up the pins and push 'em back through. remember to plug back in the fan and you're good to go.

its really pretty painless,i'v done it twice. be sure to gently push on each end ofthe fan and rock it a bit and then make sure its nice and flat to the core.

also, i find the rpms of that fan don't mea much. i can get the same temps at ~2000 rpm as i can with max.i use the ite smart guardien thats on your driver cd to control it.


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Jun 2, 2005
I set the video configuration to SLI and then move the video card to the second slot and replace the retail HSF with a Zalman NB47J and now my chipset temp is rough 5-9 degrees cooler than it was before when it was still using the retail HSF that came with the mobo.

Worth a try if you want better cooling (and also get rid of the noisier retail fan). Make sure to attach a 40x40 fan to the top of the Zalman using strong thermal tape. I bought the thermal tape at Radio Shack, cat. 64-2361 and it's call Supermount Tape (Hi-Temp/Hi-Strength). Works really nice. If you have a side-hole with a fan that blows close to or directly on top of the NB location, you don't need to attach a 40x40 fan to the top of the Zalman.

Let me know if you need additional info or have more questions.