device driver issue help


May 21, 2001
I need some help troubleshooting a problem. My computer, running winXP, will quit from games and sometimes just restart, sometimes from a game and sometimes from the desktop. When it does this I get windows error reporting thing that comes up when it boots asking me if I want to report the error, I never used to until this started happening so frequently that I started using it to see what windows said my problem is. It tells me that a device driver is causing this problem. I have gone through and started uninstalling stuff, I even unplugged everything non-essential (everything except mouse, keyboard, monitor and ethernet).

Now this all started a little over a week ago, I installed some new memory, connected a pda, and started using a kvm switch all within a day or so. I have since removed the pda and kvm. I have looked through my bios and I did not see anything in there to change for the memory, but i kinda get the feeling it might be the memory, but I am not sure if it is or not. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?

System specs: Athlon 2500XP, gigabyte 7n400 nforce2 mobo, 2-512MB sticks crucial pc2700 (upgraded from 2-256MB sticks crucial 2100) if any other specs/stuff is needed please say so.

just fyi, i have checked the memory, it appears fine when run through a memory tester. I have also tried updating all drivers that I installed instead of windows. I have been working on this for a few days and have looked through a lot of stuff before coming here



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Jan 1, 2001
I did recall Crucial and nForce 2 didn't play well together. I think Crucial even admitted themselves.