Dell vs Envision LCD monitor


Mar 12, 2002
I was wondering which monitor you guys think is better and if you have any experience with the moniotor and the company.

Dell Ultrasharp 1901FP, bought from Dell ofcourse.


Envision EN-9250, bought from


I can get the Dell for $585 but the Envision is about $100 cheaper.

I have the Dell 1900FP and think it is a great monitor (rebagged Samsung) but i dont know who makes the 1901FP. I dont know if Envision is a good brand either.

Any help appreciated!


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Jun 16, 2003
i have an envision 17in lcd and it's not the greatest monitor by any means. well, by price i guess it was the greatest monitor. it's very sensitive to the viewing angle but i got it anyways for the price and i'm happy with it.


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Dec 23, 2003
I'd personally get the Dell. I hear so many good things about their LCD monitors. The Envision one's are okay if you're on a budget and want an LCD, but otherwise their picture quality pretty much sucks. From the Envision monitors I've seen, the colors looked washed out and the viewing angles are really bad -- only good angle is if you're staring directly at it. The newer Envision models look a little better, but not good enough that I'd consider picking one up.

Best thing to do is to go out and look at them. If you can't, make sure where ever you're buying it from has a good return policy in case you don't like what you bought.


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May 19, 2003
it depends on your eyes.

In my case, I've been looking for a 19"+ lcd and saw and got the benq 951 for 503$ at amazon but there's also that dell 2001fp which is currently 719$ -30$ coupon (+tax). I played UT2k4 on my Benq951 which I just had opened an hour ago. I didn't notice the ghosting (at native resolution) so I think I may keep it instead of spending 1.5x more for the 2001fp. I do notice ghosting/artifacts however in non native resolution gaming but I think that's normal. Another thing, why are LCDs so bright? Had to turn down all the brightness settings and gamma settings.

So go with the dell if you got the dough but there's the -30$ coupon active for the first 1500 customers and also the 20% sale Dell both expiring tommorow (for dell Small business, 8/26 for dell home division). The 1901fp is currently 513$ (+tax in some states). Go to the hot deals forum for that deal.

The site with the -30$ coupon is posted on the original poster's signature.


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May 7, 2002
Dell 1901FP is a LiteOn OEM. Envision is made by AOC. Both AOC and LiteOn are big monitor producers. :)