Dell N7110, Renesas USB 3 Keeps Failing


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Dec 22, 2004
I have a Dell N7110 laptop which I will be using in about 6 weeks on a vacation for offloading photos & videos to a USB 3.0 flash drive. This model works great for me, it's sufficiently up to date in terms of specifications etc, except for one thing--offloading those photos and videos takes awhile over a USB 2 connection, which is how it's going because the 2 USB 3.0 ports just don't want to consistently work. (It also requires me to use the slow touchpad instead of a USB mouse, because that one USB 2 port is the only one, and I don't yet have a USB powered hub, although I'm apt to get one soon.)

This model, which I got a year ago for cheap off Craigslist, came to me with Windows 8.1. Last night I updated it to Windows 10 Home thinking maybe that would solve the problem. It did initially, I plugged in the 64G USB flash drive I had and it was reading it just great. Then, after about 10 minutes, I heard the dreaded "dum, dum" sound (going from high to low) that denotes a USB device being disconnected.

I looked under device manager--yes, sure enough, the USB 3.0 driver has that yellow triangle exclamation point thingie beside it, just as it did before. It is called "Renesas USB 3.0 eXtensible Host controller - 0.96 (Microsoft)." The error message is "This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)" but again the drivers according the MS are up to date.

I did a drivers check, it says the driver is up to date. I downloaded a driver someone said was for that part, but it doesn't install.

I don't want to have to suffer with slow offloading speeds over a USB 2 connection (shared with a mouse through a hub on top of that) or have to buy another PC altogether. This model does have an eSata port, but I don't have any eSata peripherals. I do have 2 desktop 4 Terrabyte hard drives that I bought for home backing up but I've not yet used them, I'd intended to get USB 3.0 enclosure cases, perhaps I could get an eSata enclosure and use those for this occasion, but what I really wanted to do was utilize that USB 3.0 port with the flash drive, 64G is likely to be plenty.

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