Dell Financing questions


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May 13, 2002
hey guys, need some econ 101 help here.

I need to get a laptop, thinking about a D500 from Dell SB. the total is about $1200. I can finance it for like 36 or 48 months, but I'll end up paying way more. I think the apr is 9.99%.

anyway, so one of the plan is a "lease(?)" it's called $1 takeover plan or something, where you pay monthly dues but do you own the laptop at the end? because the other plan where you lease requires you to pay 10% of the inital value at the end to actually own the damn thing.

oh, and also, if some months I have extra cash to blow, can I pay more than the monthly due, and would that go towards my principal amount? thus decreasing the total amount owed?

hope that makes sense, and any help is appreciated. thanks.