Deleted a PayPal account


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May 22, 2023
7 years ago I set up PayPal and YetiPay accounts and last logged in to them 4 years ago and forgot about them and now while browsing through a paper notebook with saved passwords for various websites I saw there saved passwords for PayPal and YetiPal websites and I remembered about these accounts but You can't log in to these accounts or even the email from which these accounts were registered. I have a different phone number than the one assigned to these accounts. That SIM card for the phone was blocked by the operator a long time ago because I did not top up the account. According to PayPal's terms and conditions, you must log in at least once a year to maintain your account. If I logged in to my PayPal account once a year, would I still have the 20 złotys PLN ($5) I had in my account at that time or would this account be reset to zero as an account maintenance fee? If I logged in to this PayPal account once a year, would I have the 20 złotys PLN ($5) now or just an empty account? Does the same rules concern to a YetiPay account?


May 15, 2023
For PayPal, if you didn't log in at least once a year, it's likely your account would be considered inactive. However, PayPal does not usually charge an account maintenance fee or reset your balance to zero due to inactivity, so if you could access your account, your 20 PLN might still be there. As for YetiPay, the rules can vary depending on their terms and conditions. You'd need to check their specific policy for account inactivity. In your case, since you can't access the email associated with these accounts, and you have a different phone number now, your best bet might be to contact PayPal and YetiPay's customer service directly. They might be able to help you recover your accounts. Good luck!