[delete] Dazzle USB capture device (Digital Photo & Video Maker) Windows XP drivers???


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Mar 8, 2001
Ehh, never mind. I think I'll just e*ay this thing and buy one that is actually designed for XP... less of a headache.

I originally got the Dazzle USB DVPM because I had a system that had Win98 installed on it, but now both of my machines have XP and I want to set up a webcam using this cheap USB capture device.

The Dazzle DVPM is based on the Nogatech Nuvision chipset. I've tried their legacy drivers (www.zoran.com) which should work in Windows 2000 (and probably XP?), but XP doesn't let the DVPM use those drivers. I've tried drivers for the Dazzle EmMe (essentially the same hardware), and they install but the device doesn't start. Same with the actual DVPM drivers.

Dazzle states in their support area that the EmMe drivers may work in Windows XP but they make no guarantees.

There is also a capture device made by VideoLabs (www.videolabs.com) simply called the "Video to USB adapter" which is IDENTICAL to the DVPM, but of course their drivers, made for Windows XP, don't work with the DVPM.

If ANYONE knows how to combine driver components or has drivers which will work, PLEASE let me know! I don't want to spend more money on another capture device :)


[EDIT] The Eurpoean version of this device is called the Dazzle PV.Master. There is supposively 2000/XP drivers for the European version, but I haven't been able to find them yet.
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