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Question Define R5 - install 3.5" HDD vertically


Nov 23, 2016
I have an older Fractual Design Define R5 and have all 2 bottom and all 2 front fans installed. the HDDs are horizontal in 2 cages and that fit 8 HDD. Now in 2020 i only have 1 HDD and don't foresee to ever get HDD (everything will be SSD). I already took one of the HDD cages out to make room
I like how some of the cases like the Meshify only have 2-3 HDD spots and mount them vertically. That way they are out of the way and restrict airflow less.

Is there an easy way to do modify the R5 to accommodate vertical HDd mounting? Ideally it doesn't require chopping the case or cages (in case i ever sell it to someone who likes HDD)?
i don't like the space and airflow restricted for something I never need.

If I didn't have the bottom fans, i could mount the smaller HDD cage on the bottom, but I like the silent airflow that would be reduced by eliminating fans.

I don't have a window, and don't see it, it just bothers me. i even contemplated buying a new case, but they are pricy, and other other issues the R5 resolves.