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Discussion Defective Gigabyte 1080 ti Open box from Micro Center. Should I return for refund?


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Jul 27, 2019
Hello everyone,

I just bought an open box Gigabyte 1080 ti Gaming OC ( N108TGAMINGOC11 ) from Micro Center for a really good price. Instantly I noticed 1 of the 3 fans is not working properly.

- I requested RMA immediately. Product was registered in 2017 by first owner. Currently 10 Months left on the warranty according to Gigabyte website warranty check. Waiting for Gigabyte to approve my RMA request.
- Product shows heavy signs of use. Marks on the PCB (there is no backplate), paint on the GPU shroud and dirt inside the heatsink. It seems like it was used in an open bench system. Maybe in a mining system. I am surprised Micro Center accepted this return after 2 years (?), I am not sure.

My concern is this product may be altered. What if Gigabyte refuses to fix it because previous user did something to it that causes warranty to void. Gigabyte takes more than 30 days to return the product back to me. Micro center return policy is 30 days and it started 2 days ago.

I really don't want to return the product but it must be fixed. What should I do?


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Jan 31, 2000
Gigabyte is a stickler when it comes to RMA's. If anything is altered on that card they'll probably deny it and by the time they tell you that you'll be outside of Microcenter's return policy. I wouldn't risk it personally.