Decent Article on State Budget Problems

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Sep 7, 2001
Despite Georgia having long been controlled by Democrats, there is a difference between a Georgia Dixiecrat and a California Democrat. Georgia was long controlled by the former, not the latter. The two previous Georgia Governors in particular were quite moderate, leaning conservative, and shared as much in common with Republicans on the issues than Democrats.

Zell Miller was Governor of Georgia from 1991-1998. Who? Well, he's Senator Zell Miller now, the junior Democrat who has infuriated many of his colleagues by endorsing just about every thing the Bush administration has done while snubbing the competing proposals of his own party.

Zell was a very fiscally conservative tax-cutter as Governor of Georgia and ran a tight ship. Zell was also supportive of the NRA while Governor, signing a state preemption law that prohibits municipalities from enacting their own antigun schemes, as well as a lawsuit preemption law that prohibits Georgia cities or counties from filing nuisance lawsuits against the gun industry. Go Zell! With Democrats like that, who needs Republicans?

Michael Moore might call old Zell a psuedo-Democrat, or a Republicrat, or perhaps he just prefers 'traitor' or something nicey-nice like that.

We have a few in the North, too. Senior House Democrat John Dingle of Michigan is also rather moderate leaning conservative on many issues. It is John Dingle during Congressional hearings who first used the phrase 'jack booted thugs' in characterizing the BATF, whom NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre was quoting in the infamous fund-raising letter that prompted Old Man Bush to tear-up his NRA life membership card.

And Utah, well you might imagine that Democrats in a gun-packing Brigham Young loving state like Utah don't have much in common with California Democrats, either.