Debating on the next hardware.... hmmmm Advice guys, please

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1080ti or Ryzen ?

  1. 1080TI

  2. Ryzen 1700X

  3. Ryzen 1800X

  4. Ryzen 1700

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    Both are just win 10 scratch install + BOINC and the one project WCG, 120 gig for the regular and 240 for NVMe.

    edit: 64 of 111 gig free on regular SSD
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    Seems to me that the Haswell system is finishing tasks before others can be brought out of the queue, resulting in short periods of idle time. We see this in Milkyway@Home when there aren't enough tasks assigned to each GPU. It makes me wonder if assigning slightly more tasks than logical cores would help, it could easily hinder as well. I don't know if that can be done in WCG, though.
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    What time interval is at the x axis of Windows 10's task manager? Minutes? Or tens of seconds? WCG Mapping Cancer Markers tasks take on the order of 3...4 hours as far as I have seen. Hence this can't be the gaps between finishing a done task and setting up a new task.

    If the dips are exactly every 60 seconds, checkpointing would be the most plausible cause. Markfw, if the dips are indeed 60 seconds, but if you configure a different checkpointing interval in boinc advanced view, do the dips in task manager follow accordingly? (I don't know whether this setting sticks immediately, or needs complete shutdown and restart of boinc., i.e. with [x] "Stop running tasks when exiting the BOINC Manager" in the exit dialogue.)

    Nevermind, resolved in the "Computing comparison..." thread.
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