[DEAD] NEW to NAS? Try this deal out? 4x4TB NAS for $500. (barebones appliance plus drives)


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Aug 25, 2001
First, buy this:

Qnap TS-431P-US 4-Bay Personal Cloud NAS, ARM Cortex A15 1.7 GHz Dual Core, 1GB RAM
+ $50 off w/ promo code 85QWTY22, limited offer


$279.00 - $50 = $229.00 + tax

Then buy four of these:


$59.83 ea. when you buy 4 or more.

So, $230 + ($60 x 4) = $470, let's say $500 with tax.

That gives you a 4x4TB (raw) 4-bay NAS, with dual 1GbE-T links, and several USB3.0 ports.

You can also (optional) get that QNAP 5GbE USB3 adapter for this NAS.

Some assembly required! (Shucking the drives, too.)

Edit: To add, if you want to do virtualization on your NAS (not really recommended, unless you have a fast Intel x64-compatible CPU, like in $1200 NAS units), you can, but this is an ARM architecture CPU, so limited (I think) to things like Docker containers for ARM. Consider an Asustor NAS instead, with an Intel CPU, if you want to virtualize machines.

Edit: Was a one-day deal, that $50 off promo code. (ShellShocker)

If you still want to build one of these, you can, but it will be around $550 rather than $500. Hopefully those refurb external desktop 4TB WD MyBook drives are still available, those sell out pretty well too, when they show up. (Normal 4TB retail drives w/warranty, are around $90-100.)
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