De-Bloat Windows 10?


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Aug 2, 2003
I might try this on a DC only PC, I am a bit wary of malware, as we all should be. Anyone already used it? Thoughts? Sure seems like it can make a fresh install easier for me, says it does a lot of stuff I already do for a fresh install. Could sure be a time-saver if it is safe.

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May 16, 2002
Looks good. But it went too fast for me (can't read the captions quick enough). So where is the script ?


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Aug 11, 2016
Win10 is already a malware spyware on its original form. Took me an hour to figure out every "telemetry" and bloatware in it and another hour to disable it and uninstall some (still have no idea how to permanently ditch cortana and edge).

Oh, I just read this. Its comment section describes my frustration about Win10 in general.
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Mar 22, 2017
Is this matter / anti-matter discussion still continuing?

I really do think it is a latest / upcoming human generation vs. older generation thing. Humans new (don't know?) to the effort will always try and put their soon to be hot / burnt fingerprints on fire, wheel, whatever.

It also helps to keep the folks in the I.T. world employed as they are then valued to create the changes and then teaching others how to use the changes for better or worse. Who even knows what this stuff is even doing anymore? Have time to read the legalese, even for your in house software functions? We could fire for even using this :)

At this point the cost of the change might very well be much larger than the value of any new "Feature" (I'm getting old, but even over 1000's of human iterations of use, I have seen that this is true at times) , old "features removed", and the time of training to do what was once recently common knowledge after a lot of re-training.

It's like if a hammer was re-engineered to be new to its most common user every 2 or 3 years.... And the nail was also re-engineered to have to be relearned how to use / interpret its use / and how to even be seen by the user....

There has also been software functions of Windows and other "Apps", that have been seemingly lost forever. Powerful features that can't be replicated without great effort at trying to re-create the original ability. Crazy.

How is fire made again? Hit stick against head and then head against stone :) Where are the "icons" for that and what do they look like? Oh, they are tiles now and they spin around? What do they look like?

I should change to a bidet, but what does T.P. look like and how does it function?

Sorry the above was brought to you by the "Beer O.S." within the 12 O.Z. can "wrapper". Very user friendly for my past 40+ years of "Beer O.S. usage" :) Probably too friendly of an operating system this past year of COVID :(

I hope I remember how to use (and live long enough) the "sidewalks" to lose all of this "Beer Can O.S." weight...


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Mar 22, 2017
Is this new layer to be trusted?

What about the updates of this new step?

How do you use it afterwards, even in my "Beer O.S." personal puter?

Tiring and I have installed many Windows "lite" builds since 95. Something always does not work once used mucho.


Jan 1, 2021
Tony, have you tried WinSlap? Stumbled across it the other day and used it with no ill effects. Really more of a tweaker than uninstaller, but it will disable Cortana, uninstall OneDrive etc. Could be useful....
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