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Oct 21, 2002
I have an AMD Ryzen 2700 CPU which is paired up with B450 Chipset. (if its matters)
I had an event, where I wanted to re-validate the memory module , and had to make sure are still known good.
In that process I disable to XMP profile in UEFI load the normal SPD profile.
Every thing tested out good, I inserted back the my intended memory module back in, and moved on.
Moving forward to today, I started to noticing sluggishness and hesitance (Lack of better word) and I can't figure out why so>
I thought I may be running low on memory because I gave up the 16 GiG of memory, some of virtual machine may be fighting for RAM in my Hypervisor.
When I was looking up the TSK MGR for memory utilization, I notice Speed 2400 (1200), that is when I realize it, OPS I need to enable XMP!
When I got a chance to reboot with correct XMP, it was day and night difference.
I never knew memory speed can makes enough difference where an average user can feel the difference.
I didn't play any games to see a difference, it just day to day productivity uses
Here is a screen shot without XMP profile loaded


Now here is with XMP profile loaded with DRAM Freq 1640 Mhz


This maybe common knowledge for some people, for me it was an eye opener.
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