DDR3 Kingston ValueRAM - any good vs say GSkill/Mushkin/Patriot/Corsair/etc?


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Oct 17, 2005
How good is Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 for a new Sandy Bridge build? It's my understanding fancier memory doesn't do a lot for you on the Sandy Bridge chips, and my local computer store seems to be running out of all the RAM covered in goopy heatsinks and bling.

It's PC3-10666 (1333 MHz), timings are listed as 9-9-9, and voltage is 1.5 V. I'm looking at an 8 GB kit (2 x 4 GB).



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Mar 17, 2011
For real life use, RAM doesn't have the performance impact like changing a CPU, GPU or SSD. Performance/gaming RAM have a noticeable gain when it comes to benchmarking or overclocking but for everyday use most likely not.

If you're interested in overclocking and getting the P67 + Core i5 2500K/Core i7 2600K then it would be slightly beneficial to get a better RAM only if you intend to overclock. The heat spreader serves a purpose to dissipate heat.

If you are not overclocking at all and getting the H67 + any SB processor without a K suffix then it is better to stick with a Value RAM. In fact most H67 boards will only work with DDR3-1333 or lower.

If you're getting Value RAM then it doesn't matter which brand you're getting from but Kingston Value RAM is a good choice IMHO.