Question Dawid Does Tech Stuff builds in a case from Aliexpress


Jan 6, 2002
Never seen a video from this guy before, but his shtick is he buys the most random and awful cases and pre built systems and makes videos about them. This case is easily the most hideous I've ever seen. It doesn't even seem like it a real product. But its real and there was probably a bunch of time put into designing it. It's super poorly designed in every aspect but still took a lot of time and effort I'm sure. And it's something you can buy, so the company must have thought there'd be a market for it. Sadly in 1989 when I was 15 I'm sure I would have loved to have this case lol.

I got a good chuckle from this video. If I had a bunch of $$$ laying around I'd buy one just so I could build the tackiest computer. I think it's like $300 after shipping.

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