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Damn whos Faded tonite?


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Oct 10, 1999
Just got back from a dope ass party Trance/jungle party. I mean the people were so dope not all thuged out and stuff..... it was so chill!!!! just kicking back with a bud and some mixed drinks while the musics bumpin. I hope u guys had fun this Friday nite. take care


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Oct 21, 1999
I got so bored that I finished Might & Magic 8. Even though I won the game (Escaton got killed by the 4 elemental lords but a robot spider emerged from his chest to send a message that he failed to the Ancients), I am now busy killing everything that moves. I should uninstall the game tomorrow and try to start playing World War 2 Fighters again so I can go online against some Anandtechers, as I promised.

Beware of the flying devilfloss in his Thunderbolt! :D

Adagio (Lara Fabian)


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Oct 11, 1999
A friend of mine came to town yesterday.

So we BBQed couple burgers, drink some bottles of George Killian. Finished eating around 10 pm.
The Killians kinda bring the mood for a bar, so we went. 4 guys and a girl. :p Not that exciting, but I was too busy dancing.. Drank a little too much Killians I guess.
Stayed at the bar till 2 a.m. Went back to my friend's house. Then stayed there until I'm sober, drive back home. Sleep. That was almost 4 when I slept.

Woke up at ~5:30 a.m, and can't get back to sleep. I was like WTF?!! :| :| :|
So I decided to take a hot shower. After shower, the sore from all over the body is starting to take over.

Now here I am. Wondering what did I do last night that made me unable to go to sleep.