Damaged Heatsink for P3 733


Jun 9, 2001
I was installing the heatsink on top of my pentium 3 733 MHz processor and damaged the thermal interface material (the white guey stuff) on the bottom of the heatsink.

I got my computer up and running and saw that the CPU temperature was at 40 C and the MB temp was at 26 C. If I left my computer on for about an hour, the CPU temp rose to 45 C.

I think the temp is too high for the CPU and the damage I caused to the thermal interface material while installing it may have affected the heatsink's mechanism.

Is the temperature too high? If it is, should I replace the heatsink and if so, any deals out there for a good quality and cheap priced heatsink?

Any ideas?



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Oct 9, 1999
You should be OK, as that's an accurate reading (thank you intel for the on-chip thermister :p). If you're worried about temps though (or if they continue climbing), you could scrape off the rest of the interface material, and put on some thermal grease (like artic silver), which is better than a damaged interface area.


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Jan 27, 2000
It sounds like your heatsink came with a thermal pad attached. Many folks have better results by simply removing that pad. Gently scrape it off and clean up the bottom of the heat sink and the CPU core with acetone or fingernail polish remover. Then put a thinlayer of thermal grease or paste on the core. Seat your heatsink carefully, make certain it is level and fully contacts the CPU core. You should see your temps drop. I'm running a P3 733 at 840 MHz at 35C/95F under load and the 733's aren't generally good overclockers. Best luck.