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    I recently installed Pro Tools LE on my pc so that my band could use it for recording. Pro Tools requires the Mbox 2 (which we also have) to be connected to the computer via a USB port for it to actually run. Now we installed the drivers and everything and when we go to start up Pro Tools we get a DAE error-1115. I looked it up on the website and this is due to three reasons. 1) USB port bandwidth is being exceeded
    2) Motherboard isn't compatible
    3) Something to do with something called BIOS

    I checked to see if my motherboard was compatible and it is. I didn't really understand the BIOS thing, but we were getting messages of the USB port bandwidth exceeding when we connected the Mbox 2 which gives me a pretty good idea that it is due to reason number 1 that we aren't able to fully load Pro Tools and use it.

    Now my question is how to I solve the bandwidth problem?

    Do I get a USB card? Do I buy and external USB hub?

    I have plenty of USB ports to plug the Mbox 2 into, but none of them get us past the DAE error.

    Thanks for the help
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