Dad takes potshot at computer, says son plays too many video games


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Mar 6, 2003

Dad shoots at computer, saying son spends too much time playing games
Dunedin, Florida - A Dunedin dad probably made his point about his son spending too much time on the computer. Pinellas Sheriff's deputies say he shot at the monitor as his son sat near-by. Forty-four-year-old Joseph Langenderfer was arrested Monday afternoon at his home on Frances Street.

His 22-year-old son Tim called 911, saying he and his dad were arguing and his dad had just shot at him.

The older Langenderfer reportedly told deputies he was mad that his son had not done the laundry and was spending all his time playing games on their computer. He told deputies that although he told his son he was going to shoot the computer, the gun accidentally fired.

The bullet hit the wall about three feet from where the son was sitting.

Langenderfer is in the Pinellas County jail charged with one count of attempted murder, (accused of trying to kill his son, not the computer.)


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Jan 18, 2002
Wow, his son is charging his father becuase he won't let him play video games.

This 'kid' needs to get a dose of reality.