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DA faces pushback for charging officers

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Jan 7, 2005
That awesome city of Albuquerque is at it again. After police murdered a homeless man (captured on video), the DA charged two officers.

The city has now retaliated against her and the DA office.


The city lawyer did not allow prosecutor from the DA's office to attend a breiefing about an active homicide case.

Police officials and others were gathering to discuss the most recent developments in the investigation a few hours after the shooting, Brandenburg said. Chief Deputy DA Sylvia Martinez attempted to join the briefing, but Deputy City Attorney Kathryn Levy would not let Martinez attend.

What Brandenburg said happened Tuesday evening would be an unprecedented move by city of Albuquerque officials, and it comes a day after Brandenburg charged two APD officers with murder in the March shooting death of homeless camper James Boyd.
Prosecutors’ presence at the scenes of police shootings and inside the investigatory briefings has been ubiquitous for decades here. In fact, the DA’s participation in the investigations is memorialized in a written agreement with APD and other agencies signed in 2004.

So the police and the city believe their own cops are above the law I guess, if they are going after the DA. Nice.

Just a few more fine outstanding civil servants defending the unjustly charged police officers. /sarcasm
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Mar 19, 2007
With all the videos of police abuse we have seen lately, with exception of maybe one, I can't think of a more clear case of murder than the Arizona homeless guy.


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Nov 24, 1999
If people don't want to face the dangers of living on the streets, they shouldn't be homeless.


Oct 9, 1999
He deserved to be shot. There's no room in the desert for homeless people to be camping willy nilly.

Pipeline 1010

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Dec 2, 2005
Weren't they the butt searchers?
Well it was New Mexico, but not Albuquerque specifically. 12 officers were involved in 2 separate cases of butt searching (6 in each case). One poor victim had 2 x-rays, a finger anal probe, 3 enemas, and a surgical colonoscopy with anesthesia. Every single one of these searches proved negative for any hidden butt-drugs. All of this was performed after the search warrant had expired, in a county that the search warrant did not apply to, with probable cause based on a drug-search-dog positive hit performed by a pet dog of one of the cops that wasn't even licensed as a drug search dog, and after a different hospital had already refused to perform these procedures because they are unethical. None of the cops cared that it was unethical, they simply found a different doctor who was willing to perform their unethical deeds. What are the chances that if cops are good, we can find 12 different ones who all participated in this shit and were totally cool with this? Not one of them spoke up or prevented this. 12 out of 12 is statistically overwhelming.
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