Question Custom cables for AX1200i (type 3 or 4)

May 3, 2019
I have an AX1200i and I'm looking to order some custom cables.

The company I'm ordering from doesn't officially support the PSU, but I contacted them and they said,
Unfortunately, we have not officially tested the AX1200i to confirm its pinout. However, if you are able determine whether it uses Corsair's type 3 or type 4 pinout, we will be able to create compatible modular cables. :)
I found these pin out charts. My PSU has 24pin PSU side so I think it can't be anything other than type 3.

However, I contacted Corsair about identifying whether it's 3 or 4 and they said,
Thanks for reaching out. The AX1200i uses both Type 3 and Type 4 cables.
I'm thinking I'm going to order the type 3 cables.

But my question is, is one of these better than the other? Have I done my due diligence?

Sick Willie

Senior member
Apr 8, 2010
You should be able to tell which one you need by looking at the motherboard power connector for the power supply side. In type 3, it's a 14 pin + 10 pin. In type 4 it's 18 pin + 10 pin. Other than the difference in the # of pins, the voltages appear to correlate between each type. At least at first glance. All other connectors appear to be identical or compatible on both types.