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Curious George (Bush) visits the Queen


Jan 20, 2001
I wonder how our steadfast ally will welcome our President?

(extensive excerpts but please visit TIME so they will have the opportunity to sell you more crap you don't need . . . but is vitally important to prop up the flagging . . . I mean recovering US economy)

All police vacations have been canceled so that some 4,000 officers can contain anti-Bush protests organized by the Stop the War Coalition, which mobilized a record 1 million marchers for a demonstration last February. The group's website sports an unflattering photo of Bush, complete with instructions on how to photocopy it at 141% magnification to produce the right dimensions for an effigy. Plans call for toppling a mesh statue of Bush, Saddam style, in Trafalgar Square on Nov. 20. The President will be kept as far away from protesters as the Secret Service can manage ? he won't join the Queen for her carriage ride after all ? but as a U.S. official says, "There's a lot of fear of surprises."

Because Blair is so articulate and stalwart, Bush has always got a boost from the Prime Minister's visits to the U.S. But Bush's reciprocal gesture can only hurt Blair . . . In a recent MORI poll of British adults, half the respondents said they wanted Blair to resign right away.

Never mind: next week all of Fleet Street will be awash with coverage of the person a U.S. diplomat ruefully dubbed "the toxic Texan," whose handling of international affairs is panned by two-thirds of Brits. White House officials know their boss is making life awkward for his First Friend. "Maybe they'll keep the lights off and pretend they're not home," quips a Bush aide.

Far from keeping Bush under wraps for fear of gaffes, Blair is encouraging him to grant interviews with lots of local media. A trip to Blair's home constituency in the northeast is planned to showcase more of the President. "Anyone who thinks the Prime Minister is going to be apologetic about his relationship with Bush and the U.S. totally misunderstands his view of them ? both personal and strategic," says a Blair aide.


Nov 25, 2001
I guess it's not easy to create a "protest zone" for the president, when the entire country's population is pissed off at him...


Aug 10, 2002
Originally posted by: BaliBabyDoc
Someone should tell the anti-war people its a little late.
I guess we should stop arresting criminals b/c the damage is already done?

I saw a poster up in Bath city centre saying "come down to London to protest".

If I could, I think I probably would.

I don't think the UK will be particularly receptive of him.
Personally I think he's a bit of an idiot, I can't stand to see him on TV or hear him speak. Maybe it's his voice, maybe it's the crap he spouts, maybe because he tries to be too religious (no, I don't have a problem with Christians, just Bush, I have one friend who's Catholic, and one who's a very opinionated protestant).

I for one don't particularly welcome him, and would rather he didn't come.


Nov 28, 2002
Originally posted by: BaliBabyDoc
Someone should tell the anti-war people its a little late.
I guess we should stop arresting criminals b/c the damage is already done?

You know I hope all these legallity claims make it to court someday, then you discover you haven't a leg to stand on.