Culture war echo chambers: Watch Piers Morgen stumble Jordan Peterson


Mar 17, 2008
Really debated the worthiness of this deserving its own thread or even the forum, couldnt really find a good fit for it but the urge to share has let me to put it here.

So Piers and Morgan is having a debate, or a circle of two reach-around fluffer on all things mean, lefitst, women, you know, the whole *its so unfair i can be an asshole online*.
So Peterson gets into the clinical about psychopaths and how they're ruining the internet and Piers interjects with

"I took a psychopathy test once... and they concluded that I was a good psychopath"

And Jordan goes

"And what did they mean by that exactly?"


"That I wasnt bad"

- And then Peterson waffles off into what is essentially this

I just found it "funny" that a common face in the political influence sphere outs himself as a bonified psychopath, thats all.
We can now proceed to project the characteristics we see in Piers onto others like, say, Hannity, Tucker etc.