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Crytek Sandbox2 and Crysis Mods


Oct 17, 2002
Crysis, as a game, was great. I loved it, except for the alien mountain part.

I was a big fan of Far Cry too, and I'm thinking I'm partial to the whole beach environment.

Eitherway, there is alot of debate about Crysis "the game"

It was just a game. Open ended, sandbox environment, decent AI if on Delta, etc..

What is revolutionary to me isn't the game, it's what came with it.

The Sandbox 2 Editor. I'm obsessed with it. I can spend hours creating my own environments, spawning characters, programming AI paths, getting the AI to do crazy things, setting up levels, etc.

Its more fun to me than the actual game. And what makes Crysis worth the $30-$40 is the mod community and all of the mods coming out. I've played some pretty killer user levels. If anybody is considering buying this game, don't discount the mod community and the Sandbox 2 Editor.


Senior member
Dec 11, 2004
The screen shots from that look cool. I'm going to give it a try now. Any other really cool single player maps?
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