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critique my HTPC build please


Apr 5, 2005
Hi everyone, this is the first time I built a dedicated HTPC with majority of new components. I was originally planning on building a low power NAS with a celeron g555, but since we wanted to get rid of paying $16.99 a month for DVR thru fios my wife wanted me to build a HTPC. We certainly are not saving any money doing this but I think in the long run a HTPC experience will be far more enjoyable than verizon's DVR interface. and iv'e been wanting a dedicated HTPC for a while.

my main purpose for this HTPC is a DVR replacement and for streaming movies from my (now) dual use i7 desktop/media server with 9TB of storage, and also for listening to internet radio. my HTPC will be connected to my HT receiver, into the TV.

I purchased the following

Motherboard: BIOSTAR H77MU3 LGA 1155 Intel H77 $69.99 - $20 rebate
CPU: Intel Core i3-3225 ivy bridge w/ HD4000 gfx $144.99
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL $24.99
Case: Silverstone Tek GD05B-USB3.0 $95 - $10 rebate
Hard Drive: Samsung SSD 830 128GB $100
KB/Mouse: Logitech K700 keyboard/trackpad $29.99
TV Tuner: Ceton InfiniTV4 $159
Already Have:
PSU: Seasonic S12 350W
Wifi Card: pulled from laptop Intel 6300AGN connected into a pcie slot with a mini pcie to pcie adapter. Using gigabit lan would be ideal, but it's simply not feasible where my TV is located.
Hard drives for storage: I have a 500GB 2.5" hard drive and another 750GB hard drive that I will be using for DVRing.
Total cost without rebates is about $625.

How did I do? I feel like i could have saved $100 with a Celeron G555, but I think the ivy i3 with upgraded integrated gfx will provide a more enjoyable experience. we dont want to tolerate slowness in any of the interfaces we use. I also wanted a nice case that I can use in the future that wouldn't look like crap. In addition, its nice to have option to able to play street fighter 4 and other older games on my tv as well with the HD4000 graphics.
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Jun 17, 2005
The build looks pretty good. The only think I would consider changing is the i3-3225 to a more economical G620, but only if you don't think that 3D is something you will want to do. Overall the G620 is good enough for any non-3D HTPC task, and will save you about $80.

I would turn that $80 into a 2tb hard drive for DVR storage, or a better wifi setup, or even pocket it for a future upgrade.


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Feb 11, 2005
That's pretty similar to the system I just built (in my sig). I used the smaller ML03B but everything fit in there fine. I'm also using a HD HomeRun Prime. The 6300 wireless card should be adequate too; I used my laptop as the HTPC before I built this system and it has a 6300 in it. I'm using the K400 for my kb/mouse and it works well so I assume the K700 will too.

So far the performance is excellent. It boots in seconds. I haven't noticed any lag of any sort. I'm running Windows 8; my experience so far is mixed, but that's another post.

Is there a Micro Center near you? They have some pretty nice deals. I got my CPU for $120, and got $40 off the motherboard when I bought it with the CPU so it ended up being about $20. Paid $60 for my SSD too. The system totalled about $500 including the HDHR (I had the 640GB drive laying around).


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Mar 27, 2005
Looks like a good build.

Look into Powerline adapters if you want to try a wired connection. Be aware that your experience may vary based on your electrical wiring. They work well at my house.